If you find yourself visiting Tuscany then Lucca is the one city you cannot miss. With its unique design of the city center, the historic villas, and incredible shopping with the most family-friendly atmosphere it truly is an exemplary destination for travelers. Here is my recommendation on what to do in Lucca, Italy.

Villa Torrigiani

The Historic Villas

There are 6 historic villas in Lucca and we managed to visit two of them during our trip. Villa Torrigiani and Villa Reale di Marlia. Each villa has its unique energy field that encompasses you and brings you back in time. Torrigiani is smaller compared to Reale di Marlia but offers a private tour inside the Villa and gives you complete access to their gardens. Villa Reale di Marlia is quite large and grants complete access to the entire property with ticket entry. It has a cafe on site for a bite to eat and a crisp glass of prosecco with a view that evokes pondering thoughts of, “What a way of life this must’ve been.”

Villa Reale di Marlia

A heartful thank you to Sara from Villa Reale di Marlia for sharing these photos with Sacred Earth Life for this article. All photos in the gallery are credited to Giuseppe Panico.

Villa Torrigiani

Photos caputred by Sacred Earth Life during our visit to Torrigiani. 

We visited Torrigiani first which had a personal energy to it. One of the princesses of the estate was from Calabria, and I enjoyed hearing her story throughout the private tour. The most fascinating part was learning about the families who still live in the Villa throughout the summer months. The tour was restricted to the ground floor because their living quarters were on the second and third. It had enough history to satisfy your curiosity and admiration for the preservation of this beautiful landmark.

The Leaning Tower in Pisa

We came, we saw, and we left. It is an incredible sight to see in person and only a 20-minute drive from Lucca. Unfortunately, the number of tourists with the combination of the heat in mid-August was enough to make our exit as quick as our entrance. My recommendation would be to visit during the off-season which runs November-May in Tuscany.

What more is there to do in Lucca, Italy?

Quite a bit more! The city of Lucca is an all-day excursion within itself. Families rent bicycles to ride around the wall that is built around the center. The best way to describe the design is to imagine the great wall of China but on a much smaller scale. The number of shops, artists, and live music fills the city streets as you explore. Once you start walking down one street you never know where the next one leads.

An open piazza, a merry-go-round, a historic garden, and in true Tuscany fashion beautiful wineries along the countryside. Lucca was the only city in Tuscany we visited, but it certainly made quite the impression and we look forward to returning again next year to host our retreats. If Lucca sounds like a place you want to visit then I encourage you to subscribe to our email list to be the first one to know when our retreat has launched. See you soon!

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