Every year we are gifted an opportunity to honor the day we came into this world. For some, it can be a week-long celebration. Surrounded by family and friends with an itinerary of places to go and things to do. When you are living abroad away from your loved ones the energy changes and it’s important to create a moment that is just for you.

A woman sitting on the beach at sunrise gazing out smiling

Since I live on the Ionian Sea I knew I wanted to start my day with the Sun rising

The sunrise is my go-to moment in life. Where I feel steady with a clear direction of what I truly seek, and this was my first one in Italy. It was breathtaking. Watching the shades of colors beam across the sea with the sounds of the waves along the shore was heavenly. It gifted me a sense of home and brought up a very special memory.

On my 26th birthday, August 2nd, 2015, I broke a world record for the largest paddle board yoga class on the water with 173 students at sunrise. A heartfelt thank you to SUP ATX for making this moment a memory I will keep for my lifetime.

When class ended every person on their board started singing happy birthday as the sun was rising over the Austin, TX skyline. A gift from the Universe and a unique Soul who came into my life and believed in my ability to lead. That moment catapulted me into becoming one of the most well-known yoga teachers in the states.

Seven years later and now I’m living abroad in Italy. Surrounded by a new community, culture, and way of life. I’m without the closest Souls to my heart, but I’m on an adventure of a lifetime. Which keeps this Leo thriving. So, I will admit that I am a little over the top when it comes to my birthday season. But that is why I chose this astrological alignment.

Because I love life to be grand

I love every moment to feel purposeful. I love feeling like the whole world was created just for me. It makes even the smallest moments meaningful when you believe that everything in motion is pure magic.

A woman walking along the beach with her son

So, what exactly am I seeking at 33?

When I look back on the last seven years of my life it’s as if I lived like a lioness in the wild. I embraced the ‘every opportunity’ mindset that always kept me going. I accomplished a lot, traveled every month, and felt a sense of always seeking. Once Luca arrived unexpectedly, the energy shifted. But we still had quite the journey ahead of us. (Insert moving to Italy)

Now that we are here I am seeking roots. A place to call home. Where what I create has longevity without the desire for everything to keep changing. It hasn’t been a big focus in my life because I have been on my journey. But I feel ready to welcome a home life back in with a masculine partner. Someone to enjoy the riches of life, swim together in the sea, explore this beautiful country together, and create something that gives us the intimacy we are both seeking.

Is that a big ask for 33?

Only time will tell. As I write these words I realize how ironic that desire is. For the first time in my life, I am completely free. I live on my own terms, do as I please, and go wherever I want whenever I want, and now I’m seeking someone who will anchor me. We always want what we don’t have, don’t we?

The thing is, family is everything in Italy

So, my focus for this next year around the sun living abroad will be on creating a home life for Luca and me. If that happens anytime soon and I all of a sudden want my freedom back, will one of you please remind me about this article I wrote at 33?

Grazie mille and happy birthday from the sunrise over the Ionian Sea to all my fellow Leo’s out there.

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