A few months ago I was planning an Adventure in Rome with my friends here in Calabria. Unfortunately, Luca took a nasty fall and I canceled our trip. I wasn’t sure when I would get the opportunity to go again, but then one universally appeared. So, Luca and I hopped on our first train ride up the Italian coastline from Lamezia Terme into Roma Termini. We ended up in the best location within walking distance of everything you must-see when visiting. Here are my travel tips to Rome.

Transportation & Hotel Recommendations

I have a unique itinerary because I live in Italy, but one of my dear friends flew in from the states and we planned our arrival in the city center at the same time. It worked out perfectly. If you are coming from the airport there are many options to arrive at the center, which is about a 35-45 minute trip depending on which one you choose. Many hotels offer shuttle services, but that can be costly. Around 55 euros. If you opt for the train you will book Trenitalia into Roma Termini which is about 14 euros and runs every 15 minutes.

From there I recommend booking a hotel next to the train station because of your luggage. The cobblestone streets of Italy are beautiful, but not friendly for heavy suitcases on wheels. I had one large suitcase, a stroller, a baby bag, and Luca. So, the most important thing was booking somewhere close to public transportation that could get me anywhere I wanted to go. 

Once we settled into the hotel we found ourselves in the best possible location. A 15-20 minute walk to the most iconic sights

We ended up visiting the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain twice a day because they were so close. Once during the day and once at night, when Roma really comes to life. Everything we needed was around one block or another. A small market to grab necessities, a snack bar when we needed lunch, and a mixture of restaurants from American cuisine to Indian, and of course the best Italian.

The hotel itself was decorated in true Italian design. The walls are lined with golden silk thread with red drapings hanging from ceiling to floor. The room we booked came with a sofa bed and a separate sleeping space. Did I mention the mattress here is zero gravity? It makes a huge difference when you customize a mattress to fit your personal preferences after a big trek around the most breathtaking city in the world.

Augusta Lucilla Palace

If you plan on coming to Rome anytime soon keep this place in mind or save it for a future trip. The breakfast is a full buffet style that runs from 7 am-10:30 am which is longer than most hotels. It extends that early wake-up call just a bit longer which was convenient for us. Being this close to everything you want to see definitely gave us more time and flexibility to explore. 

You can check out the hotel and book straight from my link: Book Augusta Lucilla Palace
Disclaimer: When using my booking link I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Now it’s time to illuminate the seventh wonder of the world, The Colosseum

There isn’t an article written, a movie produced, a book published, or a photo captured on earth that will ever give you the feeling that comes from walking up to the Colosseum. It is one of the most invigorating moments of a Soul’s life. To witness its glory is to feel the steps of those who walked before us. To see the truth in a way of life once lived and a story that is forever told.

You become a part of history when you step onto these ancient grounds with complete presence

We went back every day of our trip, sometimes twice a day. I couldn’t get enough of the energy and I know Luca felt the same. We smiled, laughed, and watched the full moon rise as he ran around spreading his light to every person he came in contact with. It was the most beautiful and fulfilling moment of my life thus far. I will forever return to Rome just to be in the energy field of the Colosseum.

The Trevi Fountain

I was personally thrown off by the location of this iconic fountain. Maybe it was the thousands of people huddled around snatching seats, taking a million selfies, and refusing to move and make space for others. Nevertheless, I found a quiet corner and had a moment to myself close to the midnight hour.

Legend says…

If you throw one coin this assures a return trip back to Rome. If you throw two coins you will fall in love with an Italian, and if you throw three coins you will return to Rome, fall in love, and marry.

Let’s see if the legend comes true

My personal preference for the Trevi fountain is at night. The energy is softer, the lighting illuminating the fountain is divine, and you may just find a moment for yourself. I tossed my coins in at the stroke of midnight.

The Basillica of Santa Maria Maggiore

This was the closest sight to our hotel and the first one I visited. I stumbled upon it while exploring, not knowing exactly what it was until after I left completely taken aback by its beauty and presence. This is one of the four main Basilicas and is considered the second most beautiful church in Rome. From the endless, breathtaking mosaics to the golden ceiling of the nave and a model of the Sistene Chapel I recommend spending a few hours of your time here. Free entry and is often less crowded than the other Basilicas.

Last but not least, The Pantheon

The preservation of this structure was incredible. We didn’t spend much time here since we didn’t go inside, but the entry is free and the line moves fluidly. I felt a deep sense of gratitude admiring the exterior from afar and recommend making the trek over to see its immaculate details and architectural design.

Rome is an extraordinary city that enriches your heart with compassion

I am grateful to call this beautiful country my home and look forward to visiting Rome many times again. As promised, below is a map of the routes that we walked to see these incredible sights. It was a 15-minute walk to the Colosseum with the Santa Maria Basilica on the way and a 25-minute walk to the Pantheon with a stop at the Trevi Fountain. Make sure you save this article for when you are seeking travel tips to Rome.

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