There are moments in life that are unexplainable and will always remain that way. Divine synchronicities that open new pathways. Encounters with others leave us pondering their purpose. But what about the moments when it is just you and Mother Earth? Argimusco in Sicily took us out of the realms of time and into an ether of a multidimensional realm. A fog so thick there were moments you couldn’t see 5 feet in front of you. An eerie feeling that felt as if the megaliths were alive and watching you.

An experience I was completely unprepared for. Not to mention it was bone-chilling freezing. With the fog came humidity and with the elevation of nearly 3,000 feet came chilling temperatures. And there was no Sunset in sight. After four years, I now understand why these global phenomenons were built around the world to honor the Winter Solstice.

Megalith Rocks

Megalith rocks were used for astronomical observation. One of the most well-known megaliths is Stonehenge in England. When I found one in Sicily earlier this year I knew I was going to visit for the Winter Solstice. After a lot of research on these global phenomena, it’s fascinating that scientists, archeologists, and astronomers still have yet to discover how these ancient formations came to be.

Some theories claim they rose from the ground, others believe they have been chipped away and created by ancient civilizations. However they came to be, it’s as if they come to life on the longest night of the year and whisper in the wind blowing.

Once we arrived at the location I knew I wouldn’t be shooting a live feed

With the heavy fog and the lack of a cellular connection, it appeared that this moment was meant just for me. I had been reading the Yule Fairies Story for four years, and for the first time, I would be experiencing Earth’s perception on the night of the Winter Solstice myself. And that is exactly what happened as I was reading the story and reciting my prayer. Below is a recorded video of my Winter Solstice blessing.

Gallery of the event on the day of the Winter Solstice

The next day we returned to Argimusco in Sicily and found a completely different atmosphere

For the longest night of the year was over and the rebirth of the Sun illuminated the earth. A truly remarkable experience to witness with every sense of my being. I was no longer protected in my warm, safe temple. I was among the wilderness and in the ether where the Heavens nestled on earth.

The next 48 hours were a whirlwind

Every plan that was made after the Winter Solstice to stay in Sicily shifted by the divine. A 1-hour drive to Catania turned into 2.5. Road closures led to rerouting and our two-bedroom Airbnb turned out to only be one. Which meant we couldn’t stay. Being quite familiar with how the divine intervenes in my life I knew it meant it was time to leave Sicily. So I let go and deepened into my Heart.

All I felt was that I wanted to go home and the only home I could see when I closed my eyes was Tropea

I hopped on and chose a Villa that looked more like a home than a rental. Synchronicities began aligning and our Hearts began to beam once again. We relived the first moment we experienced when we came to Tropea in February. A local fisherman approached us, the same as he did in February, and offered us a boat ride. Which we gladly accepted and enjoyed on Christmas morning.

Followed by the most delicious Christmas lunch and magical evening in Tropea

Our Winter Solstice Prayer was fulfilled

Within a span of 48 hours, we knew where we belong in this world. This means I can officially state that the Path of your Heart is the alignment with your destiny! In 2023, we are going to fulfill our initial dream and make Tropea, Italy our home. It was a full-circle moment that none of us could’ve planned. Instead, we surrendered control, dropped into our Hearts, and let the Universe lead the way.

If I can leave you with a little guidance from 2022… it is to trust your heart. You don’t have to plan your life to get where you are going. You have to feel it. Let go of the need to know and open to the mystery of wonder. Only then will the Universe know it’s time to work her magic and align you with what you deeply seek in this lifetime. Infinite blessings to us all in 2023!

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Interested in reading more about the solstices? Check out the Yule Fairies Story on Winter Solstice 2021

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