Welcome my favorite day of the year and the most potent day of prayer! This year will be my first year abroad (we’re going to Sicily!) and fourth year reading the Yule Fairies Story and reciting my Winter Solstice Prayer. The sacred energy that resides on this day is a global phenomenon that has been honored around the world for thousands of centuries. A moment in time when our ancestors dropped down to their knees in prayer to honor our Father Sun as he sets on the horizon and the longest night of the year approaches. For this Winter Solstice 2022 we’re hosting a live ceremony at Argimusco and here’s what we are sharing.

Winter Solstice Ceremony in Solidago 2021. Austin, TX.

Out of all the days mapped out in a year on earth, this one feels like it is meant for me

It began in the year 2019 when my cleansing ceremony magically aligned with the Winter Solstice. I was in service in Solidago, a sacred temple in Austin, Texas, and discovered she was accidentally built in direct alignment with the sunset on this day. Out of pure joy, I opened the cleansing ceremony up to anyone who desired to attend and had 35 attendees for my first Winter Solstice ceremony.

The Yule Fairies Story

This short story came to me when I was researching ancient traditions on the Winter Solstice. Written from earth’s perception of what is happening on this day by an unknown author. In conclusion, the Sun King is dying, and all the creatures and creations from the plant and animal kingdoms are gathering to honor him. The narrative is shared from a Fairy’s point of view which is an invitation for our child-like imagination to awaken. I shared the story in last year’s article, Winter Solstice 2021 if you would like to read it.

My Winter Solstice Prayer

Something I have never spoken of publicly happened the week before the Winter Solstice. I lost a great love. A connection to a man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. It wasn’t by choice, but a fatal accident that nearly took a life that was very important to him. Losing him in that split second spiraled me into a depth of darkness. But I knew I had to set my heartbreak aside and pray.

Which gave our love purpose and birthed the most sacred words I have written to this day. My very first prayer. Written to guide our traveling soul through the depth of darkness trusting the alignment that is waiting. For the longest night of the year is the most potent day of prayer… when miracles come to life.

I believe in Manifesting Miracles

In our ability to breathe our Heart’s deepest desire into existence through prayer and love. What we don’t have control over is the timeline in which those desires come to fruition.

Thus patience, trust, and faith play the most significant roles here on earth. Evoking the present moment as the most important and only real moment of existence here on earth.

On this Winter Solstice 2022, I ask you to come with me (through the heart) to Argimusco in Sicily. For our live ceremony, I am reading the Yule Fairies Story and reciting my Winter Solstice Prayer as we seed our deepest desire into the earth together.

I am hosting this live event on @sacredearthlife Instagram at the exact moment the Sun is setting. More details on the event will follow on our social channels, so make sure you are following us there. A very heartfelt thank you to Chris Chen for capturing my last ceremony in Solidago on the Winter Solstice last year. A sacred moment I will carry with me wherever the Winter Solstice Sun takes me.

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