We’re all pretty familiar with the historic sights, museums, and churches in Rome, but what about a hidden sanctuary right in the center of the capital? A place to escape the hustle of trouting down the cobblestone streets for hours. To lounge on a sunbed, drink coconut spiced smoothies and dip in a naturally chilled pool during the hot summer months. That is precisely what The Sanctuary Eco Retreat offers in the heart of Rome.

The entry is free, but the sunbed and pool access cost 25 euros per person

Which is a credit towards food and drinks. Their daytime menu has a selection of appetizers, smoothies, and desserts. I opted for the Spiced Coconut Smoothie and my friends ordered Ceviche. It was my first smoothie at a restaurant in Italy and it did not disappoint. I ended up ordering another one and their cheesecake which totaled up to my credit.

The Sanctuary in Rome isn’t their only location

If you find yourself in Milan, Porto Cervo, or Mykonos you can experience their eco-style retreat as well. They host events, yoga and wellness classes, and shift from a pool lounge atmosphere to a nightclub once the sun goes down. Dj and all.

We headed out after a few hours since we had Luca. He was well tended to by the staff and even fed a pigeon who seemed to be a familiar visitor to the sanctuary.

Beautiful Italian brand swimsuit by lightbluewear.com

I found myself having all the Bali feels even though I’ve never been

It certainly was an unexpected find that satisfied a mid-summer visit to Rome in more ways than one. It was within walking distance to our hotel hidden in plain sight. As always, you never know what you will discover walking around the streets of Italy. Is travel to Italy on your bucket list? Make sure you add this place if you are stopping in Rome.

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