In the heart of Tropea, Italy, a few steps away from the iconic overlook, That’s Amore checks off all your Italian dining desires right outside its exclusive hotel. Located in the city center you would never guess what lies behind the steel doors to the right side of the restaurant. A hidden hotel in Tropea, Italy with a pizzeria attached and a cafe for your morning coffee across the way. I have to admit this is one of my favorite things about Italy–discovering little gems that are hidden in plain sight.

Photo of a restaurant outside with white umbrellas and tables alongside a building.
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Imagine yourself arriving at your hotel where the doors open into a grand courtyard (red carpet rolled out!) and the staircase leading up to your room looks like a sculpture all on its own. It’s as if you’ve stepped into another dimension with a sense of royalty, yet you are right in the city center where everyone wants to be! If you are like me with an appreciation for grand entrances, then this is a place you don’t want to miss when staying in a hotel in Tropea, Italy.

The stairs lead to a private entrance with three individual rooms

Styled with a Sicilian flair each room is equipped with air conditioning, a mini fridge for your refreshments, and a private bathroom. With its high ceilings and white marble throughout these pristine features are up to par for luxury travelers. As much as I admire the ancient architecture in Italy I recommend staying in a newly renovated and modernized hotel for comfort during the summer months.

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Gallery of That’s Amore hotel in Tropea, Italy

As a never-before foodie, I’m learning to indulge in the Italian cuisine

Am I late to the party? Absolutely. I’ll be the first to admit that food has never been a focus or joy for me. I’ve been vegetarian all my life, vegan for the last six years, and I’m shifting slowly. Mainly because there’s not a one diet fit-all formula. I want to deepen my appreciation for the nourishment our bodies need to thrive. Sometimes that’s a salad with overflowing vegetables and sometimes its a pizza from That’s Amore with a glass of prosecco.

Its called balance and we need it in our internal practices as well as our external

So, when you are adventuring around the world during your Sacred Earth Life, hop on a Vespa and make your way to Tropea, Italy. While you’re here book a stay at That’s Amore and tell them Lynn from Texas sent ya.

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