Welcome to Sacred Earth Life’s Seasonal Podcast!

Over 2,000 downloads on Apple and Spotify! Thank you for following along on our journey and listening to our show. If you are new here listen to Season One, the first twelve episodes if you are seeking Universal Alignment, and Season Two for guidance on Following the Path of Your Heart.

A woman gazing up towards the sky holding her pregnant belly in mother nature. This is the podcast cover for Sacred Earth Life.

Season Two

Path of the Heart

Season two of our Podcast launches on March 21st, 2022! For the next twelve weeks, I am sharing in-depth the journey that completely changed the course of my life. It began when the whole world shut down and all I had was this seed (a baby in my womb) inside. So, I stopped listening to the external to shift deeper to the internal and started following my Heart. Now I am living my dream life in my external reality and the Universal Alignment is all around.

Why choose your Heart?

To create heaven on earth

Thank you to each practitioner who has contributed to our show!

Interested in contacting one of our guides? Find them on their personal websites below and don’t forget to mention Sacred Earth Life!
Jerry Zeiger, Hypnotherapist at www.wholenewlight.com
Lynn Carroll-Rivera, Astrologist at www.abundantheartcircle.com
Alice Biggs, Psychic at abiggs2020@yahoo.com
Tara Portune, Reiki Master, at www.creatingpositivelight.com
David Preslar, Conscious Parenting, at www.dkpreslar.com
Christian Michael Current, Cranial Sacral Therapist, at http://christianmichaelcurrent.com/
Lori Mulady Burdick, Wellness Counselor, at www.seekingsolacecounseling.wordpress.com
Susan Staples, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, at susan@susanstaples.com
Lily Meyers, Creator of Calabria Dreaming, at www.calabriadreaming.com