Have you ever felt like you are walking into a real-life painting? A moment in time when you feel as if every detail and angle was purposely created just for you? That is how Pimm’s in Tropea welcomes you. To dine with the sea in an intimate setting as you watch the shades of the sky bloom into a euphoria of beauty. With the attentiveness of the staff awaiting your every need to the divine flavors of every dish, Pimm’s is the epitome of exquisite dining in Tropea, Italy.

Located at the iconic overlook, in what Pimm’s describes as a privileged location you receive a private viewing of the most desired view in all of Tropea

A picturesque restaurant where the owners are as delightful as the atmosphere. A little bit of the Italian language will go a long way here, but don’t let that small hurdle prevent you from dining here. They do have a waiter on staff that speaks fluent English as well as the chef. I had the pleasure of meeting him when choosing our dish and found his kindness an exemplary complement to the entire evening.

Pimm’s offers traditional Italian recipes with a focus on fresh fish dishes

Carmine of Pimm’s, as he calls himself, created an irresistible dish that even this vegetarian couldn’t turn away. Although I am new to this Italian cuisine the preparation and display matched the flavors and textures that swirled within each bite. Upon seating at their table-in-the-sea, a cart was rolled over for us to choose our dinner for the evening. The thoughtfulness brought forward with the display was impressive. I felt a sense of excitement about what the chef would prepare and opted for the lobster with linguine. 

We were gifted a second dish, pasta with squid, which you can see in the picture below

As well as a delicious dessert, chosen by the chef, to complete the evening. Did I forget to mention the wine? Well, it’s Italy. I’m sure you know the vino is perfection. The pairing of the dinner felt like a piece of art all on its own. The experience was an evening to remember and I look forward to coming back many times again.

So, the big question is, did Pimm’s transform this vegetarian into a pescatarian?

I believe so. Although the bar is set pretty high for any other seafood dish that follows this. It was certainly an unexpected opportunity that felt like it was the right time to make the shift. To everyone at Pimm’s and the owner of Frida’s Tropea, thank you for inviting this Texan in to explore your delicious cuisine and true Italian hospitality. The kindness and gesture extended will not be forgotten.

A couple seated at a table having dinner overlooking the sea.

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