I’ve been on this Path of the Heart since March 2020. When the whole world experienced a collective shift, life, as we knew it before, would never be the same. This was the month I found out I was expecting Luca which became the initial choice I would make in choosing my Heart once again. What I’ve learned from the Heart is that it’s not the easiest path. There’s no paved way. No written manual on how to follow it, yet it is the one that fulfills our soul and ultimately aligns us with our destiny. But what does it actually mean?

Living the Path of the Heart reminds me of my childhood imagination

Which was growing up in a garden. Surrounded by the sacred energy of Mother Earth. Watching my grandmother’s rose bushes blossom into the biggest blooms I’ve ever seen. I learned how to care for her aloe vera plants and trim the leaves to use the gel on any cut or burn I received. Watering her potted plants, jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone, and swinging on the rope swing tied to the tallest tree. Those first five years of my life were some of my greatest memories. 

I can feel that same energy in my present moment. Which is how I know I am in alignment with what I deeply seek. It takes a while to find the Path of the Heart after such a long life journey, but it’s never too late. My word of guidance in realigning back to your heart would be to start at the absolute beginning of your life. As a soul coming into a human form, you chose where you would be arriving. You chose your path to learn your truth, your birth parents to teach you exactly what you need, and the karmic lessons to eventually guide you right where you desire to be.

Do we get lost along the way?

Absolutely. We weren’t born with the gift of predicting the Divine interventions that come with life’s journey. Instead, we were gifted emotions in learning to navigate the way. A feeling on the inside. A soft whisper that acts as a guide. A vision we can see when we close our eyes. It’s all there, but only on the inside. The external eventually becomes a distraction, so how do you realign back to your Heart’s path?

You close your eyes, place your hands over your Heart, and breathe

It truly is that easy. What you see in your mind’s eye and what you feel in your Heart is your purpose in life. The challenge begins when you step off the path you built that wasn’t in alignment with your destiny. Rapid change, massive loss, and a complete alteration of your reality. Is it worth it? Yes. It will take some time for the past life to fade, but eventually, your external reality will match what you seek.

As for me on my Heart’s journey, I always knew I would live in Italy. I felt the pull at a very young age and began speaking aloud to my family that I was living in the wrong country. Initially, I thought I would retire here and have my sacred garden. I certainly didn’t expect to receive it 33, but I’m not complaining. I’m doing exactly what my Heart has always felt which feels like a sense of returning.

The next big task for me is physical, emotional, and mental effort

Learning a new language and way of life. Setting up my offerings here to lead wellness retreats. Securing my residency (we’re in the home stretch!) and building a home life for Luca and me. Which means spending time in our sacred garden. Planting rose bushes and aloe vera plants. Learning how to trellis a summer grapevine that has completely taken over our garden! Awaiting for the orange blossom flowers to bloom in spring to make our first batch of angelic oil. We have been gifted more than I could’ve ever manifested on my own, which is why you chose your Heart.

Because the Universe will do the rest to align you with your destiny.

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