It’s been a little over a year and a half since I launched Sacred Earth Life so it feels time to reintroduce myself along with my little co-creator, Luca. In the creation process, with Luca in my womb, I began to hear these words over and over again, “This life is Sacred. From the moment of conception, this life is Sacred.” I wasn’t entirely sure what they meant, but then the world as we knew it collapsed and all I had was this tiny seed and this inner voice, so I started to pay very close attention.

A pregnant woman wearing a blue gown hold her belly in nature.

We all have this inner voice and I refer to mine as my Heart’s Wisdom

Solely because when I hear this guidance internally it comes from how I feel, what I deeply desire, in my Heart. In my personal experience what my heart chooses isn’t necessarily what we deem reasonable or logical in this external reality, but that is another conversation we will have in due time.

For now, let’s stay at the beginning. As a soul embarking on a human journey you have three initiations to come to Sacred Earth Life. The first one is conception. For that moment has to take place for the portal to open. Second, comes the heartbeat. Without the heart, there is no magnetic vibration for life to begin forming. The Shamans refer to our Heart as the great drummer, the rhythm of life itself. The third is birth with the breath of life. Because a baby can be born without breath and therefore leaves the physical world reality.

This is the beginning of a Soul’s journey onto Sacred Earth Life

By following my heart’s wisdom I began to study in-depth the teachings of life. Birth work, womb healing, and the divine feminine and masculine energy within us all. Which ultimately guided me into creating an online platform where I could share the wisdom I was receiving. Thus, was born. 

A symbol of Sacred Earth Life on a gold background.

Our logo represents both the Feminine and Masculine energy as one. The top seed represents the Masculine, traveling into the feminine to plant and grow. Once rooted in the womb the seed receives the nourishment from the Feminine thus creating life itself.

At the time I was an Integrative Wellness Specialist at Miraval Resorts and performed cleansing ceremonies as my service to the world.

But two months after Luca was born our life began to change rapidly. I speak of this transition I foretold, without having any real guidance except my heart’s wisdom, in the first season of our Podcast. I could sense the changes coming. Because I chose my heart God, Source, our higher power began to illuminate the path to my dreams and I began to follow instead of leading.

And that is how Luca and I ended up living in Italy. I chose him and the Universe did the rest. I listened to my heart’s wisdom and Angel’s illuminated our path. I let go of what I thought I wanted and God gave me what I truly needed. It was effortless in the flow of energy, but challenging in the physical world reality. The Path of my Heart gifted me a life of living my Heaven here on Earth. 

Do I miss my previous life? Absolutely. I miss my family, and my spiritual community and I miss the life I thought I was supposed to be living.

But I have never been this happy. Living life with Luca by my side I am relearning the purpose of Sacred Earth Life. It’s as if through his birth I was born again. A second chance within the same lifetime to start over at the beginning, but this time with a higher conscious. A deeper connection to my inner-knowing. 

A photo of a woman and her son. The creators of Sacred Earth Life.

As Luca evolves and we grow together I’ve come into a deeper understanding of what Sacred Earth Life is meant to be. To teach Souls from the absolute beginning that every single moment is sacred. Every spiritual practice is beautiful, every single religious belief is powerful, and every single celebration is the bridge to unity.

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