In 2021 I felt a magnetic pull to Calabria, Italy. There wasn’t a purpose, reason, or understanding as to why, but it was a clear vision in my mind’s eye. I knew I was going and I knew Luca was going with me. After a year of preparation Luca and I hop on a flight with three suitcases to our name, leaving everything we’ve ever known behind. Did I mention we had never traveled to Europe? And we left the states, right after Luca turned one? Ya, it was that kind of leap! On our seasonal podcast, I share in-depth about the entire journey.

Now we’re here and have started to build our new community! I’m learning Italian, indulging in the never-ending pizza and pasta cuisine, swimming in the sea, and meeting the locals. These Italians have a deeper meaning when it comes to family and how to live life. Imagine an entire country shutting down during the day for four hours to go home and rest. To make lunch and spend time with their loved ones. Only to return when the Sun begins to set and the evening awakens a whole new vibe.

For the most part, we’ve been in the southern peninsula of Italy

Traveling around what most people consider the underdog in the Italian region- Calabria, Italy. To be honest I have no idea why. My guess would be that it’s a little harder to travel to. There’s not much convenience when maneuvering around this region. In the southern peninsula, there aren’t many English speakers and public transportation is a lot more spread out. I’d recommend taking Italian lessons to have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to the language and customs. I found this course on Udemy affordable and very useful: Beginners Course on Italian

You can start your journey in Calabria as soon as you land in Lamezia. Lamezia Treme is the airport you will fly into. From there you can take the train along the Tyrrhenian Sea coastline and make stops in Pizzo, Parghelia, and my heart’s home, Tropea. Tropea is my heaven on earth, with an energy that will take you out of your consciousness and into the realms of eternity. I spent eight days and seven nights there this summer and have returned every week since. Check out the article Travel to Tropea, Italy for more travel tips.

A picture-perfect sight from every angle where you will find the friendliest locals thriving among the tourist crowds. This is why you take that extra flight from Rome or Milan into Lamezia. For this…

I guess you can say our Life in Italy is pretty grand

We’ve had our fair share of challenges, which comes with the turf of moving abroad. The cultural differences and language barriers have taught me a lot. Everything I relied on in the states was thrown out and I’ve had to re-learn the purpose of life once again. Having Luca has made this entire shift possible because I’m never alone. I always have him by my side. We’re in this together, building our own way of Sacred Earth Life in Italy.

As our life in Italy continues I look forward to sharing more of our discoveries. Until then, Arrivederci!