As the Sun descends over the Calabrian hills the light on earth begins to shift. From colors of vibrant oranges, yellows, and soft pinks to cooler shades of blues, dusty whites, and turquoise greens. A softness within the self arises as the full moon over the Ionian Sea begins illuminating the feminine flow of energy. A moment of purity and deep cleansing in the presence of this mystical beauty between the Moon and Sea.

Full Moon Rituals

  • Moon Water
  • Crystal Cleanse
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Journaling
  • Prayer/Honoring
  • Swimming or bathing in a body of water

Moon Water

Is a way to embody your intention over the next month. Grab a glass mason jar with a metal lid. Fill with purified or distilled water. Write your intention on top of the metal lid with a sharpie or dry-erase marker. Place outside during the full moon to absorb the full moon’s energy. Bring inside and place it in the fridge to drink every day until the next full moon cycle.

Crystal Cleanse

Crystals are natural minerals from the earth that illuminate certain practices through the elements they are formed. For instance, a chunk of raw black tourmaline absorbs negative energy/ions in the atmosphere and is an ideal mineral to have next to your bedside. During the full moon, the illumination cleanses your crystals thus renewing their elements.

Fire Ceremony

Fire is the first element humans sat around together in ceremonies. It is the light that illuminates our earth and nourishes our world, and it is the light that burns through our earth to create new pathways. Performing a fire ceremony is a simple, very effective practice. It can be done by candlelight and a wooden hibachi stick. Sit in front of the flame, twirl the hibachi stick between your fingers and feel into the depth of energy you would like to cleanse. Once you feel complete, place the hibachi stick into the flame and recite, ‘I release.’


Writing out intentions to carry over the next month helps align our internal desires with our external realities. I recommend cleansing energy during the full moon. Write out any energetic blocks in the mind, doubts of the self, and restrictive images onto a piece of paper. Bless them for their purpose and then release them through a fire ceremony by burning the piece of paper. Bury the ashes into the earth for completion.


Praying to our Mother Moon is a gift. Without her feminine energy, there would be no balance in our masculine Sun. To pray or honor is a small gesture of gratitude. Bringing your hands to your heart center and reciting, 

“Thank you. Thank you for the flow you create in the sea. For the softness, you bring to my heart. For being the illumination in the darkness so I know I am always seen. I honor you, I treasure you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For absolutely everything.”

Swimming or bathing in a body of water

When our body is submersed in the sea or in a bath we return to the womb. The mind cannot think. Our senses cannot distract. We are cradled back in the energy to which we first began. This is a beautiful way to rebirth consciously and cleanses what was before to welcome what is waiting.

Moon and Sea

This mystical moment is one Luca and I have embraced since moving to Calabria, Italy. No matter where we traveled, it is the Sea that we return to.

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