Every Friday morning is market day in Soverato. The locals arrive early to set up their tents, park their trucks full of the freshest vegetables, and prep for the incoming crowd to fill the streets. From wheels of cheese as large as tires to the brightest colors of floral arrangements and the refreshing smell of the chestnuts baking it’s no surprise this is what Italians pride themselves on.

Large truck full of vegetables on display at a local Italian market

Don’t be afraid to barter

Nothing is a set price in Calabria so don’t be afraid to haggle a little bit, just for fun! These Italians get a kick out of a good conversation and enjoy the company. Hanging around the stand, gazing at their offerings for a bit before you opt to purchase anything and you can probably save a euro or two on the final purchase. Just for showing interest. Also, you might get a handful of free pistachios while you’re at it.

Speaking of pistachios, it’s a thing here. Like an amazing, mouth-watering best pistachios you’ve ever tasted kinda thing. In the states, for a pound of pistachios, I would pay $14. Here, it’s about 12euros for a kilo. That’s double the weight of pistachios for less, which is how I like to shop. Way more for a little less and on market day in Soverato I have my go-to pistachio guys.

You’ll find smiles all throughout the market

Find the thumbs up and smile in the photo!

There’s something to say about the energy between Italians and their food. It’s similar to the animal kingdom when the alpha provides a meal for their herd. The pride and fulfillment to nourish and feed your friends, family, and loved ones show up on every corner.

All throughout Italy, you’ll find these local markets and you will feel invigorated with the sense of comfort knowing this food was planted, grown, and cared for with endless love.

What more could you ask for?

Not much more. Ok, maybe a 1 euro bottle of wine? Handmade from the vineyards you can see in the hills? Sure, you can have that too. Great food and friendly people are what you can expect on market day in Soverato.

With can’t beat prices and the best quality goods these are the two main reasons you visit the local markets in Italy.

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