After 8 months of living in Calabria Luca and I have explored and traveled to over 17 different villages. We’ve met some amazing Italians, fallen in love with many different places, and established long-term connections. What we haven’t done is share our lifestyle here. The local markets, cost of living, cultural differences, and insight into our personal home and experience living abroad. It’s been quite the journey so far and I’m excited to see the holiday season come to life in Italy.

First things First

Welcome to our home! Luca and I live in a small village outside of a major city. It’s a quaint little town that no one really knows of. Our home is a generational home that has been passed down throughout our landlord’s lineage for quite some time. I appreciate the privacy most Italian homes have. Gated entrances with fenced-in courtyards most of which are covered in vines that blossom in springtime.

Fortunately, our home has a beautiful garden with a working well. I have a vision of what I desire to turn it into, but as with everything in Italy, it will take time. A lot of physical labor I’m unable to do on my own with Luca running around. So, I’m exploring options for signing a longer lease term here. In Italy, contracts can go up to four years.

Our front door faces the Calabrian hills and on the back side is the Ionian sea

We don’t have a view of the sea from our home, but right outside our gate, we see it instantly. There’s a boardwalk that runs along the beach that Luca and I walk daily. Then, of course, the actual Sea. It’s an indescribable feeling when you take your first swim. From the way it moves to how it feels when you are immersed in its presence is an experience all on its own.

What I felt and connected to immersed in this water is heavenly. I opened my eyes underwater in an attempt to see what I was feeling. Cleansed, not salty. Eyes are clear, not cloudy. The beams of the sun are deepening my connection to the warmth the light brings. Not once did Luca and I burn and we spent 80% of our time with the Sea.

On the last day of August, the sky danced in colors that turned the sea pink

It was a beautiful way to say Arrevideci to our first summer season in Italy. With the coming of autumn, travel begins to slow down. Italians close down their businesses and gatherings around the table transition from restaurants to the home. Living in Calabria means it’s time for visits to the mountains and closer connections with your community and loved ones.

Maybe I will learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes in my downtime

We shall see what the change in seasons will bring! One thing is for sure…after traveling all summer I am ready to ground into our home and start sharing our lifestyle here in beautiful Calabria, Italy.

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