Isn’t it fascinating that we are taught Heaven comes after we leave this life, yet there isn’t one religion or spiritual belief that can confirm this teaching? As far back as I can remember in my early childhood years I had thoughts that I wasn’t learning what I was meant to. I believed I was being filled with nonsense and my conscious mind knew not to absorb it. So, questions began arising. What is this purpose? Why am I here? Why do I feel out of alignment with who I am and what I seek? This is the intention of Heavenly Earth Retreats. To open the gates to Heaven and illuminate the path for you to connect it to your present moment reality.

Because I am living in my Heaven

I have found the way of life my entire mind, body, and soul has been seeking. Here, in the now, my present moment reality. It’s everything that I dreamed of. Everything I have always known. With each passing day, I’m awakening with a deeper trust in this inner knowing. I won’t lie to you… I was skeptical of what I was feeling. How could this be so? I also thought to myself that there was no way I was the only one on earth to discover this alignment, so I started really digging into this theory and found remarkable research to support it. One person, in particular, stood out.

Bruce Lipton speaks of this suggestion in his lectures

He is the founder of epigenetics, which is the scientific research that supports the ability to change genes through holistic healing practices. I recommend his book, “The Biology of Belief” to dive deeper into his teachings. What he shares is the exact same awakening and belief I have received. That we are born into Heaven (here) to live a Sacred Earth Life and there are ‘no things’ in the afterlife. The Tao supports this belief as well.

Although I am a Spiritual Practitioner, I highly support Scientific Research. It creates a bridge and builds unity in belief systems. This is based on which formula resonates with you the same way we choose which color is our favorite. Some of us like the same color, some of us like different colors, but ultimately we all like at least one color.

Heavenly Earth Retreats Creates an Opportunity

An opportunity for you to see your Heavenly Earth in the present moment. To dive so deep into your internal world that you lose touch with the physical world reality and step into timelessness. As your guide, I will illuminate a path into the 9 chakras within your energy field. 7 are embodied into the physical body, two are above your crown chakra. With each shamanic journey into the chakra, we will remove the entangled story that is blocking your ability to see your Heaven in your external reality. 

What deems me qualified to perform such deep internal work?

I’ve studied Taoism, Hinduism, and The Dharma Essentials of Buddhism. Raised in Catholicism with a gypsy bloodline from Poland. I’ve worked with Cranial Sacral Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Reiki Masters, Psychics, Sound Healers, Wellness Counselors, and Shamans of South America to cleanse and create purity within my internal body.

The in-person offerings I create heal thousands of Souls through emotional body cleansing. I guide meditation, teach nearly every style of yoga, and lead business retreats for aspiring yoga teachers to become self-sustained business owners. I was featured in the media for my creations and worked with some of the top brands in my industry. I’ve developed wellness programs that have catapulted internal healing, but my greatest achievement was leaving it all behind and becoming a co-creator with the Universe.

Which is why I am stepping into my own Light

I know how terrifying this might sound. It isn’t easy for me to start speaking this into existence. But if I don’t begin because of fear then you are going to miss the opportunity and I am not fulfilling my purpose. One of the workshops I am leading during the retreat is called the ‘Domino Effect.’ In a nutshell, if you do not follow your destiny you are blocking someone else from fulfilling there’s.

The one ask I have is not to label me. Not as your teacher, guru, coach, or support. I am not above you nor below you, I am your illumination. My gift is to brighten the light within your Soul so that the path brightens before your external eyes. In between these teachings, we will go about a day to day life at our retreat. Indulging in our senses as I teach you how to see the Universe speaking.

In Tuscany, there is a deep sense of memory

The energy field invites a remembrance of a life once lived. A possibility to travel into the internal world and see the history of your family. This retreat is a slower pace to allow time and space for reflection. I encourage this retreat if you are seeking a more family-oriented discovery of the self.

In Tropea, there is a deep sense of Self

Extremely present. It’s as if you are looking right into Heaven and it is looking right back. The magical waters on the Coast of the Gods will cleanse your physical body. It will bless you, seduce you, and transcend you. In between the chakra sessions, we will hike stromboli and go on diving excursions. This retreat is at a faster pace than Tuscany with the activities and excursions planned.

Taking the first step is always the hardest

But once you do, the Universe carries you the rest of the way. It is my dharma, my purpose in life, to illuminate your light so you may find your way. Pre-register with the form below for Tuscany and you will receive a *founders price* for all retreats in 2023. This inquiry ahead of Heavenly Earth Retreats launch on 11/11/2022 is valuable as spots are very limited to keep the retreat intimate. I encourage you to take the first step and commit to the Path of the Heart by registering for Tuscany below.

Tuscany Retreat 2023

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