It’s finally here! After living in Italy for the last 8 months Luca and I have traveled to 4 different regions and visited 17 different villages and cities. From Calabria to Sicily to Rome and Tuscany, I’ve written a Free Travel Guide to Italy-First Timers’ Edition. Here are some snippets from our guide:

Free Travel Guide to Italy

What is included in our Travel Guide to Italy?

26 pages from a local’s perspective on travel relating to the southern peninsula and northern region of Italy. Public transportation pros and cons in Calabria. Where to start your holiday in Sicily. How to attend major events and where to book your stay. Recommendations on where to stay in Rome, what sights to see, and the best times to see them. Accessibility for public transportation to Tuscany and when to decide if you need to rent a car, and so much more.

“Courtney has created a wonderfully in-depth guide to Italy. This isn’t from a tourist’s point of view but a local’s perspective that will give you a deeper experience to this amazing country.”

Su Guillory, Writer & Intuitive Business Coach

Where can you get our guide?

Right here: Download our Free Travel Guide to Italy First Timers’ Edition

Check out some of our articles about the cities in the regions we visited this year:

Travel to Tropea Italy

What to do in Lucca, Italy

Infiorata in Noto, Sicily

Travel Tips to Rome

Personal Note & Promise

I’m not one to take one breath of life for granted. I know how consumed our world has become and how valuable every moment in time is. My intention in creating this guide is to help illuminate a path. A path you may seek. Sharing your personal email address with me to receive this guide builds a bridge. A bridge from you to me and I promise not to take it for granted. It is simply the beginning of an energetic exchange that brings you closer to my personal world.

So, thank you. Thank you for being here and taking precious time out of your day to build this bridge with me. I look forward to connecting on a more personal level and sharing with you.

In Light,
Courtney Lynn

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