What is Cleansing?

This is the most commonly asked question I receive in my energy work. After all, it’s not something our society and culture has ever taught us. In fact, unfortunately, what we are taught from the absolute beginning of our lives is suppression of the emotional body versus using the tools we were gifted from our body’s natural design to release those emotions.

Let me give you an example to associate with: As a young child, when you would sustain an injury to your physical form (say you were running, fell, and then scraped your elbow), what was your initial reaction? Did you scream, cry, or throw your body around erratically? It would depend on the level of pain, but most certainly you used some form of the physical body to release the pain you felt on the inside from that action. Did a parent or guardian encourage you to stop screaming? To stop crying, even though you were in pain? If so, that is the beginning. This was your initiation into  emotional suppression. You had no choice but to carry this over throughout your life because you were never taught anything different.

Sage: An ancient fragrant plant used for centuries by indigenous cultures to cleanse and clear negative energies.

How do you release the suppressed emotions?

There are many different practices from  all around the world that embody cleansing, and I have been fortunate to have benefited from healers from a number of different modalities. That said, I personally resonate with the Shamanic path. Shamanism is humanity’s original spiritual practice, involving working with ancient plants and receiving guidance from the Soul. I refer to this as your heart’s wisdom, or what you could call your internal navigation of the external realm. The heartbeat is the key to going into the emotional body consciously, as that is the connection  of your Soul to your physical form.

To begin we move the energy in ceremony. Preferably on sacred grounds, with prayers and sacred plants. As with anything of significance in life it requires a grounding in wisdom and proper guidance; this is not something I would recommend you do on your own or with or for someone without the proper knowledge, experience, and sacred tools.

This is vital, because once you begin to move the old, toxic energy out of the emotional body, it will need a direction to go.

If you’re not properly protected, the negative energy is usually absorbed by the host because that is the voice it hears as it begins to unravel from the depths of the Soul. Even with the plants and the prayers, depending on the depth of the suppression, you might come out not knowing who you are, not feeling safe or grounded.

I have found that a mirror is the best piece to use for protection. The reflection of the mirror creates a bounce and gives the energies multiple places to go outside of another human form. The goal during the release is to recycle these energies from the emotional body back into the earth so they can travel to the core where the fiery entity of magma can transmit them back into the light and be of service to the rest of the world. In other words, you are participating in the transformation of negative energy into healing energy.

The biggest part of the ceremony is after the release.

The feeling of emptiness inside the body. The ability of knowing you have all the tools you need to move this energy out of your body the same way you have all the tools needed to receive it in the first place.

Through speaking a specific intentional prayer, you are able to go directly into your heart space and bring forth the suppressed/repressed energy and with forceful intentional breath, expel it from your body/energy field.

That is energetic cleansing.

This is not a “one and done ceremony”. This work will travel with you for the rest of you life. The same way you cleanse your external realm when it gets messy, so you can cleanse your internal realm when you receive something you do not wish to keep.

The beauty in this practice is now you have the tools and the suppression will no longer build inside the body.

Which is the purpose of this work. So you don’t take it with you to bed that night, into the next day, or into eternity when you leave your body.

My journey began six years ago.

It took me four years of receiving from Shamans and Priests before I knew what I was doing–and they never instructed me! They never said, “You are cleansing your emotional body when you scream.” They opened the door and created an opportunity and made me feel safe. They would say, “Be, Courtney. Just Be.” And in those moments, immersed in the depth of my darkness, I experienced a nearly intolerable pain. Screaming became the breath of full emotional release. I ended up going so deep into my emotional body that I could physically feel it leaving the deeper I breathed. I now reference this breath as Shamanic breathing.

If I can leave you with one crucial piece of advice, it is this—TRUST. Trust everything on the inside of you body. Your heart will never steer you wrong because that is you Soul speaking to you, and through you.

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