Wisdom Seeking Courses

Are opportunities to explore a deeper connection to the spiritual practice or religious belief being shared. Courses are curated in alignment with the podcast and will be offered seasonally only.

Upcoming Course

10 week Journey into the Heart

This course is aligned with our Season 2 podcast, Path of the Heart, and invites you to explore the 9 chakras through the shamanic practice called Journeying.

After considering the timezone difference for the majority of those interested I’ve decided to re-create the course. Instead of live-streaming every Friday for ten weeks I am going to pre-record each Journey and release the program altogether. You will still have the option to purchase one Journey at a time or all at once. This Journey course is designed around the nine chakras and is formatted to align you from the beginning, your Root chakra, into traveling in timelessness all the way into the ninth chakra which is our Divinity. More details about the course to follow. Thank you for your feedback.

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