Energetic cleansing is an ancient ritual that has been performed for centuries by our ancestors as a way to cleanse and clear negative entities from the physical and emotional body. This sacred ceremony originated by the indigenous people and has been around since the beginning of time, and we are very fortunate that it is still guiding us, protecting us, and gifting us the emotional body release our Soul so deeply desires in this life.

As we begin to integrate our modern day society back into our ancient practices we must first honor the lineage as a blessing in receiving this powerful wisdom and movement of energy. As a practitioner and eternal student of Divine creation, I was called into service in June of 2019 to create a ceremony that could meet us all in our modern day western society. Thus, the Cleansing Ceremony Kit was born.

The Proper Use of Smudging White Sage

Known as the most potent and powerful cleansing plant on our earth, White Sage has a presence of it’s own. As a practitioner who has performed ceremonies in group for many years, I used bundles of white sage without ever bundling my own. I learned how to move the smoke, pray to the smoke, bless the smoke, and guide it among physical bodies to cleanse. What I didn’t learn, until I put these personal cleansing ceremony kits together, is how the plant felt from the root. How it smelled from an organically sourced farm and the resistance I felt when I began to crush the leaves into a bundle to twine. I had never been so close to the Source of the plant until this creation and after weeks of prayer among the plant I felt called not to crush the leaves into a tight bundle and wrap in twine. Instead, I kept the stems and gathered each of them together like a bouquet of flowers and wrapped the twine around the bottom.

When you are performing ceremony for yourself you don’t need an entire bundle. In truth, all you need is one stem with the bundle of leaves already perfectly grown to smudge. Through this movement you can feel the sage in it’s own presence versus wrapped tightly together, overly burning or not catching at all.

So with this Cleansing Ceremony Kit you are properly smudging the Self without over usage of the plant

You are also connecting to the plant from it’s origination as if you grew the plant yourself. This will be how your Sage wand comes inside your cleansing ceremony kit. You receive two organic bundles.

Kit Includes: Organic California White Sage, Peruvian Palo Santo, Traditional Incense Purification & Protection Powder, Two pieces of King Charcoal, and Four Energetic Cleansing Prayers

Peruvian Palo Santo

Grown from a sacred tree in South America Palo Santo is known for it’s invigorating, grounding fragrance and a number of energetic cleansing beliefs. Similar to White Sage when used for smudging, but slightly different movement and aromas. The word Palo Santo translates into ‘holy wood’ and is used more as a blessing smoke in this cleansing ceremony kit because of the silkiness and softness it brings after deep energetic releases. Our Palo Santo is directly sourced from Peru and your kit will include one stick that will last many, many months. When burning make sure to hold onto the fire for thirty to forty five seconds to really catch the stick for your blessing and closing prayer.

Incense Powders

Purification and Protection. These two powders are used in the middle portion of your ceremony. The protection incense powder carries a deep, soft smoke that goes into the emotional body and guides the suppressed energies up to the surface. It brings a sense of safety when you go into the heart space, hence the word “Protection.” After you raise the energy you no longer wish to keep inside your body, speak the releasing prayer and perform your deep aggressive breathing to release. Have a moment of stillness, then purify the charcoal by sprinkling the Purification powder on top to complete.

Sacred Earth Life Prayers

These four sacred prayers are what guide you through ceremony. After two years of speaking these prayers daily and working with these tools, I have completely cleansed my emotional body of the massive traumas and challenges I received. I never thought there would be an ending, but it came. To be so deeply purified and see the beauty these life experiences gifted me is the ultimate euphoria of life. In creating this Cleansing Ceremony Kit my Divine prayer is that you are gifted the same guidance I received as well as the opportunity to live in complete harmony with the Universe.

Now it is time to begin Ceremony

You will begin with the Opening Prayer. A short prayer, spoken three times, as you light your Sage and begin to initiate ceremony. The Cleansing Prayer is a blessing you are bestowing upon your physical body. When reciting this prayer, wrap the sage around each part of your body you are cleansing. The Releasing Prayer is your opportunity. Light your charcoal, sprinkle your protection powder on top, and place your left palm on top of your heart. Close your eyes. Feel the beat of your entire existence pulsating as you welcome the protection incense powder within to raise the energy you have suppressed overtime. Once you can feel the energy in your heart space, recite the releasing prayer and take ten deep inhales followed by ten loud, vocal, aggressive exhales. Almost as if you are throwing up the energy out of your emotional body. Once your breaths are complete have a moment of stillness to feel into the emptiness you created. Now sprinkle you purification powder on top of the burning charcoal and light your Palo Santo. Once lit, wrap the smoke around your crown chakra and base of your skull as you recite the Closing Prayer to close ceremony. Bring hands in prayer center and bow your head as a sign of gratitude for the Self and the Sacred practice.

Many blessings on your personal energetic cleansing journey.

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