A time to rebirth, renew, and rejoice in what is to come

After a long winter deep in the earth snuggled in soil, the seeds of our prayers begin to sprout towards the light from the Sun. As we joyously celebrate the long-awaited aromas and endless fields of petals, we know Spring is in the air and the time for blossoming has begun.

Nuture your seeds

Mother Nature has a beautiful way of bringing every creature on earth an opportunity to reconnect back to the depth of its purpose, whatever that may be. Spring is the season for that moment to be seen in our external reality. A vibrant welcoming in witnessing new life birth as the warmth begins to arise and the cool winter season slowly begins to fade away.

A whole new beginning for the Self. A way of coming out of the womb (winter) and moving into the earth’s elements to live a life with the winds from the mountains, rain droplets from the sky, and the beams of the Sun.

Like a newborn baby when they first open their eyes

The beginning of life itself is what the renewal energy of Spring brings. So ask yourself, “What am I seeking in this conscious rebirth with Spring?” Is there something you desire to accomplish in this next phase of your life? Was there a specific intention you felt in the winter season that brings forth a change in your path?

Take some personal time today and ponder, preferably out in Mother Nature. Or spend some quality time nestled up next to your favorite house plant or bask in the present while you are watering your garden, and think of the seeds that reside within you. These seeds come from your Root Chakra, and then travel into your mind, and circle through the emotional body.

The root of your beginning is Muladhara

Known as your first Chakra this internal alignment is located at the base of your spine and first three vertebrae. This is the beginning of the formation of the physical body in the womb after the heart began to beat. The foundation of who you are, which brings a sense of security in what you seek as you are traveling among this world as a human being. This is where you plant your seeds.

To honor the Spring Equinox

Place your root (base of your spine) on the Earth. Sit in a garden, in the grass, or beneath a tree. Smell the blossoms, listen to the winds, the rain, the sounds of hummingbirds or bees. Whatever is around you as you sit and close your eyes. Imagine the color red circulating the base of your spine. Envision this as a deep red rose, or a bright poppy blossoming in a field. As a red apple, or a bright red strawberry. Whatever earthy gift that blossoms in Spring, bring that into your root and imagine your rooted desire a part of this magical creation the Earth brings.

As you envision this creation deepen into your breath and ask the Self internally, "What seeds do I want to root and sprout in Spring?" 

Allow what comes naturally and don’t try to change or alter what you think it should be. Sometimes this is a deep desire and sometimes it is a simple seed. It changes with the seasons and that is the beauty of living this beautiful Sacred Earth Life. Remember that seeds (intentions) take time to surface. The internal realm is where you plant, which resembles the soil on Earth, and the external realm is where you see with your five senses these creations blooming. The beautiful flowers, rivers flowing, and magical power of the Divine all around along with whatever your Soul deeply desires in this world.

Many blessings as we blossom into Spring.

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