What is Sacred Earth Life?

This is a knowing, an open-hearted embrace of life, and the recognition that every single moment in this life is sacred.  

A feeling into the truth that there are no coincidences. That your path is predetermined AND that you are the one who is creating this entire journey. I know this belief might be hard to wrap your head around, but it is the truth of our existence! As out of the ordinary as this seems I can assure you that if you journey along with us you will remember the depth of who you are on the inside of your body. The key to unlocking this truth is going back to the absolute beginning of your life. To feel your heartbeat inside the womb. The moment it began to beat was when your Soul entered your physical body. Then the body formed around the heart, giving you the biological template of senses to navigate this external reality. The awareness that you were born into this earth plane is all you need to know to claim your power as a soul of infinite beauty and potential. All you had to do was to take that first breath. That was your initiation. 

Now fast forward to the end of your journey and imagine…

What is the last thing you are going to hear? Your heartbeat. What is the last thing you are going to taste? Your breath. And what are you actually leaving? Your body. So the only ‘things’ that you own in this lifetime are your breath, your heartbeat, and your body. Everything else is simply a gift on our journey.  The tragedy is that we’ve never been taught the difference between our external and internal worlds. 

And so this is Sacred Earth Life. As a guide who has been gifted the awareness, I will bring this hidden knowledge of wisdom to you.

It is, after all, your birthright!

The internal is the Soul. The emotional body is where the subconscious resides. This is your eternity. The external is the physical realm where we co-exist, create, and connect with others. The animals, the trees, the dirt, the rocks, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, the wind, and even the air we breathe—these are all entities. They are not separate from us as human beings. They hold another purpose and reside in another element of consciousness. This is a surface analogy in its simplest form. To go into the depths of understanding you must journey deeper into the Shamanic path in order to receive the ability to see the different levels of wisdom in each phenomenon.

Know that the Spiritual path is not an easy journey—but neither is life, right? Please believe me when I tell you that the path of spirit is ultimately the most practical and happiest path. But I’m not going to pretend that this is an easy, carefree path. Your “stuff” will definitely come up. But remember, that stuff has been coming up all along, perhaps in ways that you are not consciously aware of. The path I invite you to journey on is one where the hidden is revealed, and the joy in your heart will spontaneously express as you tune into your true divine nature.  I do not recommend this path until you are fully committed, because once you open the door it is not one that will ever be closed again. Once awakened, you cannot go back to sleep. The good news is, you can go at the pace that is comfortable for you. 

To embark on this journey I recommend starting with our podcast. The twelve episodes will give you a sense of where to begin unraveling your previous identity—your programming, conditioning, the person you were told to be—into becoming the Soul you actually are inside your body. Be patient with this transition for even I am still learning. We are forever students with the ability to reach mastery in different realms of the practice, so pick one and begin.

Thank you for entrusting me on your journey.

Many Blessings,